Investment Management

Duttenhofer Advisory Group - Investment PlanningOur investment management services include a comprehensive financial plan. The plan is essential in understanding your investment needs and goals. We follow five basic steps within the plan specific to your investment recommendations in order to ensure that all recommendations meet your goals and objectives and that careful due diligence is performed on all investments in your portfolio.

Step 1: Understanding Client Needs
In an effort to develop a complete understanding of a client’s needs, we discuss the particular goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, income requirements, tax status and special circumstances unique to the you and your portfolio.

Step 2: Developing the Investment Policy
Based on our understanding of your specific needs, we draft your Investment Policy. The Investment Policy specifies your time horizon, risk tolerance, the types of securities to invest in and the asset allocation of your portfolio. It will also discuss your income requirements and any extraordinary circumstances which will affect the management of your assets. Your Investment Policy is our joint plan to reach your goals.

Step 3: Implementing the Investment Plan
Only once you have reviewed and approved the Investment Policy will we begin the investment process.

Step 4: Monitoring and Reporting
We will manage your portfolio in accordance with your Investment Policy. This includes monitoring your investments, providing you with quarterly portfolio appraisal and performance reports, investing additional cash inflows, re-balancing to Investment Policy targets, and maintaining detailed tax records for your account. Above all, we focus on maximizing after-tax return while maintaining a long-term perspective and an appropriate level of risk.

Step 5: Conducting Periodic Meetings
We will have periodic meetings as necessary to review your portfolio and your Investment Policy, and to discuss any significant changes in your life or financial situation.

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