Financial Planning

Duttenhofer Advisory Group - Financial PlanningBecause we are committed to helping you develop a financial plan that reflects your goals, priorities and values, we explore your financial situation in depth. Our financial planning process typically involves four meetings.

First Meeting: This meeting is an informal conversation about your interest in financial planning. During this meeting we will provide you with an overview of our background, answer any questions, explain our process and what we charge for financial planning services. (About 1 hour.) This meeting is complimentary.

Second Meeting: This meeting is essential to gathering information regarding your financial life. We will review your financial documents and lead you through a structured fact finding process. We will also discuss your financial goals, values, and priorities. (About 2 hours.)

Third Meeting: This meeting is primarily for presenting your financial plan. We will review the plan and answer any questions. Once we have arrived at a common understanding of the recommendations in the plan, you will take the plan home to continue to evaluate our recommendations. (About 2 hours.)

Fourth Meeting: Now it is time for implementation. In this meeting, we will discuss how to implement the recommendations upon which we have agreed. We will provide you with a detailed action plan. We will be your partner in helping you to implement your plan. Typically, we will set up an appointment to review the plan in one year. We believe that financial planning is a process – financial circumstances change and plans need to be updated on an on-going basis.

Ongoing Advice: During the course of the year following implementation of the plan, we will provide you with assistance and advice on any topic discussed in the planning process.

Duttenhofer Advisory Group provides financial planning and retirement planning services on an hourly or flat fee basis. Fees for financial and retirement planning services range from $500 to $5,000 depending on the complexity of the analysis needed. The first meeting is complimentary.

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