Our Clients

Duttenhofer Advisory Group - Our ClientsClients of Duttenhofer Advisory Group are looking for a comprehensive approach to saving for retirement, transitioning into retirement, or planning during retirement. There are several common characteristics that make an ideal candidate for our services:

  • A desire to work with an advisor they know, like and trust.
  • Clients want us to answer the phone.
  • Prefer more permanence and longevity than an “employee” of a large firm handling your investments and long term planning.
  • Place a high value on family and community ties.
  • Have important personal and financial goals to achieve.
  • Desire to stay actively involved with their families and communities.
  • Believe young professionals in Gen X/Y and retirees should have access to a financial coach.

We work as the quarterback of a clients’ team of advisors (including their accountant, estate planning attorney, insurance agent) as needed, to see everything is taken care of and plans are followed through. This allows our clients the freedom to travel through life with the confidence of knowing their financial house is in order and being monitored.

Many clients reside in the communities of Laguna Beach and northeastern San Diego County. We are very proud to be a long-time presence in the area and greatly value the close, long-term relationships we have built with our clients.