Our Approach

Your Life

Duttenhofer Advisory Group - Our ApproachOur general concept of retirement is changing – we are living longer, expecting more out of life and hoping to contribute until the end. We are not content to view retirement as a few years of quiet relaxation.

Your Goals.

As we live longer, retirement may now last 30 years. Many retirees today look forward to those years to travel extensively, master new skills, and take on new challenges — things they simply did not have the time to do while working and raising their families. An increasing number of “retirees” are also re-entering the workplace and the non-profit realm in volunteer, consultant or second-career roles that allow them to use their professionally-honed skills to help others or support worthy causes.

Your Partner.

At Duttenhofer Advisory Group, we specialize in assisting with all elements of our clients’ financial lives. We work in partnership with clients to quantify life goals, develop and implement strategies to help achieve those goals, and manage finances so clients can focus on enjoying life and all it has to offer. We take great pride in the trust our clients share with us and strive to provide the highest quality, personal service for years to come.